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          I have been devoted to my practice for over ten years and recently have decided to semi-retire to pursue my love for stained glass.  I will no longer be offering Shiatsu sessions and I will not be teaching Reiki or animal energy classes.  I will still be offering Reiki sessions.  I want to thank all the people and students who I have connected with during my practice.  I will greatly miss teaching, but I'm excited to expand and venture into the art world.

      I am still offering a holistic approach to healing, integrating Reiki and Crystal Healing Therapy. My mission is to encourage self-healing and self-care, teaching people to focus on relaxation, healing, centering and balancing, increasing their energy and awareness of their mind, body and spirit.  My desire is to educate people in caring for themselves both physically and emotionally. I am a New Jersey Licensed and Certified Shiatsu Practitioner and Reiki Master.  For more information CLICK HERE.

       I also combine my love of energy with stained glass, creating unique stained glass pieces representing energy work, Reiki, chakras, etc., and integrate crystals into my designs.  Always keeping environmentally safe,  I use lead-free solder and equipment.  My glass work is for sale and I also does pieces on consignment.


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Hot Stone Reiki

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